Awesome Design

Unique brand identites, startup pitch decks, corporate presentations, infographics, collateral, printed marketing materials and more.

What sets our designs apart? One thing:
we design to solve business problems.
To communicate, to convince, to engage.

There's careful analytical research and reasoning + creative insight + clear strategy behind every our design. We do not decorate.

Are you a startup?

Design your investor pitch deck with us.

We have cofounded startups and pitched investors – successfully! We've also co-invested in startups (e.g. Stay For Longer).

We're proud to be organizers of Founder Institute INTH

Our unique mix of business background and design experience extends our offer beyond simply designing your pitch deck visually.

We will be excited to also actively consult you, assist in market research, ideation and planning your messaging for maximum effect. We have helped numerous startups construct their pitch decks, with Startup Safary among them.

Let's get you funded!

What we design?

Branding and logotypes

Based on market research, target audience analysis and iterative work with our clients we design remarkable, cohesive and striking visual branding systems, logotypes and visual branding guidelines.

Marketing campaigns

From printed marketing materials, to rich-media banners and mini-sites – we offer creative concepts, mood boards and storyboards, graphic design and animations.

Corporate presentations & infographics

We have designed interactive, image and information rich business presentations for corporations like Unilever or Adecco. We'll be happy to assist you in designing yours.

Websites and User Interfaces

We design websites, e-commerce solutions, as well as web and mobile applications.